Looking for a new bridle with out a flash..... and girths


With out my boys life would be bland
Apr 16, 2009
After buying my lovely fairfax saddle which the ginger one just loves and moves really well in I started day dreaming about a new girth to match it.

I made a comment to my OH about getting a fairfax girth but they were stupid money he asked of it would make a difference to the way he moved or make him less girthy. I let him read the write ups and he said if it might help it is worth it and why have an amazing saddle but comprise on the girth.

I looked for a second hand one and they are still expensive plus I need a narrow gage and the smallest the do in a dressage so it was quite hard to find any. OH has been following my progress and out of know where just say ' just buy it you earned the money (while deployed) get the one you really want now why you can,

So I did

Now...I saw the fairfax bridles we are low level leisure partnership who compete for fun we really would be taking the pee if I brought one of them we will be the the saying 'all the gear etc' So now I am looking for a new bridle but they nearly all have flashes, Now I know I can get it removed but if I am paying out that much money I don't want to have to remove it.

So I would like a normal black with buckles not billets snaffle bridle, no flash, not a very thick nose band and shaped round the ears. not worried about the brown band as I will move my hand made one on to it as it has amber beads that I love.

If you see any please let me know.


Nov 10, 2014
Why not just get one made? Means then it will be the way you want it, worth the money and doesn't need to be flashy looking??

I'd love a full plaited leather bridle as in the full bridle is plaited leather but only way to get one would be to get one made so currently saving for it as I know it's going to be pricey but will be worth it.


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Apr 23, 2009
Can't help about the bridle I'm afraid (why do they all have flashes these days? ) Just wanted to say I've been coveting a Fairfax girth for ages too but couldn't justify the money, especially as we really only hack. However I've just discovered that they now do a prolite version at a fraction of the price (£89) so have ordered one. Very happy! TBH I would have thought £89 was extortionate for a girth but when you compare it to the price of a Fairfax it seems really very reasonable lol.

Would be interested to hear whether you notice a significant difference with the Fairfax girth. They sound amazing.


With out my boys life would be bland
Apr 16, 2009
Chanters bridle was hand made for him and I love it to be honest it was a fraction on the price of the ones I am looking at. If the lady still made bridles I would ask her again in a shot but she stopped some time ago. She was on this forum. The leather is lovely and it is still my favourite bridle and gets lots of comments as the brow band is quite different.

I actually want some thing flashy and a special as both is his are just average off the peg ones which are lovely but I want something really nice for comps. as we compete most weekends it will get a lot of use.

The only two I have found is a Jefferies and a albion KB super snaffle.


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Mar 15, 2008
Just wanted to say I've been coveting a Fairfax girth for ages too but couldn't justify the money, especially as we really only hack. However I've just discovered that they now do a prolite version at a fraction of the price (£89)

The Prolite girth is made under licence from Fairfax saddles. To me it's one of the same item. You are buying one or the other brand.


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
It took me forever to find a new bridle for Bo years ago, like you no flash required and I wanted something quite fine for his head, I ended up buying a jaguar bridle while in Germany after almost a year of hunting here. The bonus is it also fitted jess so she now has a posh bridle for the rare occasions we compete in English :)


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Mar 15, 2008
Finding bridles without a flash I find the easiest. It's a working hunter or showing bridle. Flashes are not used in the show ring.
If dressage didn't allow their use, more would be made possibly?
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