Looking for yard with great horses for hacking on Frensham Common (Farnham, Surrey)


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Jan 22, 2008
East Hampshire
Looking for yard with great horses for hacking on Frensham Common (Farnham, Surrey)

Anyone know of a hacking yard with decent horses in the vicinity?
My friend and I would love to go hacking on Frensham Common / Hankley Common once again. We used to enjoy it so much over there.

Two experienced riders who ride a variety of fit horses regularly We don't have a burning ambition to gallop everywhere all the time , just enjoy hacking in nice country on nice horses.

Any help or advice gratefully received.
Thanks for reading this.

Looking for yard with great horses for hacking on Frensham Common (Farnham, Surrey)
[Tue 22 Jan 2008]
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