Lovely Pikeur Show Jacket but nearly refused to buy it....

KP nut

I'd rather be riding.
Dec 22, 2008
.... because it was a size 16!

I think of myself as a 10/12 so I was having an internal tantrum about having gained a lot of weight without even noticing. After a while I decided that not buying it was ridiculous when it fitted well, so I went to the counter to pay. I asked if Pikeur sizes tended to come up small as I wasn't normally size 16. She looked at it and said 'you may feel better when I tell you this is for AGE 16!!!!'


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Hahahaaaaaa lol so funny! I once bought kids jodhs by mistake, they were snug and I could not work out why, thinking label said 26 - well it did but their was a c in front for childs......

KP nut

I'd rather be riding.
Dec 22, 2008
LOL. It was great because it was priced as a kids jacket so it was cheaper! I just thought it was on special offer but it was a junior size. Bargain!
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