Lunan went Hunter Trialling.

Native Lover

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Jul 13, 2009
Lincolnshire,wheres the hills?
Yesterday his first competition in 2 years..... Burton Hunt Hunter Trials... he did the Green Novice Singles which was 60 cm jumps with Beth. He was so excited bless him he was sweated up before he even jumped a thing lol

It was a big class of 40 ish riders and Beth and Lunan came home with 1st place...not bad as he’s only been back in work 6 weeks after a 9 month break due to no rider for him.

Such and honest, genuine jumper. Beth has done a fabby job sorting his brakes out lol.

Here’s some pics.

BA059370-706D-49E6-97CD-2F7C0F1C6919.jpeg 8AA26A95-2DD1-4FAA-83F2-A67857B35E00.jpeg EE579706-AE97-4C11-AA6F-AF8311FA05E1.jpeg 4DB9C803-82B7-439C-83FC-7842AC56B381.jpeg 01921EAA-A7C6-4401-8FEF-809C6222D417.jpeg
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