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hi people,
i was wondering if any of you have any tips on lungeing.the main thing i was wondering was how do you stop your horse from daydreaming.when you lunge her she listens for the first 5 minutes then it is like earth to blue come in anyone there!!??

what would you do???

luv jo,blue ,squid:) :)


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Jun 9, 2001
Saltash, Cornwall
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Depends why you're lungeing really. If it's just for exercise then I don't think it matters too much if your horse is away with the pixies! If it's for schooling purposes, then it helps to remember that going round and round in endless circles gets awful boring, so try to keep it interesting and keep her wondering what's next by doing lots of transitions, changes of direction every so often and so on. Transitions should also help encourage her to carry herself better. And don't overdo it. Working on a relatively small circle can be quite hard for a horse, so if she's tired she won't bother to listen.


Nov 12, 2001
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ya, i agree,

weve been taught not to lunge for too long of time, because the horses are going around in fairly small circles, and we were told its bad for thier legs if you go one direction a whole lot.

try to make it a little interesting like ros said, do lots of transitions, and changes of direction.

its kinda like how you would get terribly bored running around a trsack for a long time, and how you would start to lose focus.

good luck, and Merry Christmas!!!!