Making Easyboots smaller?

Em 1

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Aug 18, 2001
I've got a set of Easyboots size 5 for my gelding. I bought them about 6 months after taking him barefoot and they fitted well. He's been barefoot for a couple of years now and his feet have (unsurprisingly!) changed shape. The boots have progressively become a little loose but since we changed farriers, the boots keep slipping off in deep going. The new farrier has been putting a lovely mustang roll on his hooves and they look great but the size 5 boots no longer fit! Unfortunately, his 'new' hooves don't fit into size 4 Easyboots and none of the other styles seem to fit his foot shape.

I have ordered gaiters for the fores (the hinds already have gaiters and have yet to come off) but I'd like to improve the fit of the boots all round. Could I use boot comfort pad thingies and if so which ones and how? Any other suggestions would be great as we were loosing a boot every 10 minutes or so yesterday (and that was after no rain for a week. I dread to think what winter is going to be like! :( ). :rolleyes::)


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
It IS a good scheme, except that they won't accept Easyboots, which is what the OP already has :(

Em 1.... I have a barefoot TB who is transitioning and I can't buy him any boots yet because his feet are still changing shape. What I've read about Easyboots is that they are meant to be tight, so my initial advice would be to sell the size 5's you have on ebay (you'll probably get around £50-60 depending on their condition, I've been watching them sell over the past week!)

However, I then remembered that The Saddlery Shop do indeed sell "comfort pads" you mention for their whole range of boots, including the Easyboots so they must still have enough depth in the boot with the pad in to be able to be worn. I would try the pads first and if they don't work, then try to flog them and get a smaller pair. What have you to go lose?
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