Met an amazing rider last night!


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Jul 27, 2009
OH and I went with friends to a local barn for a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Weather all day had been snow mixed with freezing rain, so I didn't get out to see Rusty, but things cleared up by late afternoon - so sleigh ride was on.

Wish I'd been able to take pics, but it was dark and I didn't think they'd turn out. So, picture this - two lovely Belgians pulling the sleigh, bells on their harnesses jingling, seeing fireworks from the nearby town - it was magical.

After the ride was over, we went back to a room they have next to their indoor arena for champagne, hot chocolate, snacks, etc (not good for my weight loss plan, by the way). Owners little girl joined us - she's my new idol!!

She turned 2 in August - rides a pony named Pumpkin - canters & jumps!!! Also drives in a little cart!! She got skis for Christmas and had been at the local ski hill all day skiing. What I wouldn't give to have her confidence and energy - AND horsey parents when I was her age.


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Jun 21, 2000
Doing all that at 2.5 ?!

Each to their own I guess, but I would be a little wary myself putting my own child on at that age doing all that.

They are amazing at that age though with a real 'No Fear' attitude :D

Nice to hear you had a lovely time though :) :)
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