Move tomorrow - wish us luck!


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Aug 15, 2005
I really am like a little kid waiting for Christmas! His (new) bed is all made . . . I've moved his feed and supplements over . . . his saddles and bridles will go on lorry and I'll sort his rugs out tomorrow. Squeak!

Fingers crossed that the move goes well and that your boy settles into the new yard ok - am sure that he will

Bet you're counting the hours, mins and seconds til you can get him off the old yard!

Arrival pics please?
Best of luck.. I can't wait for you to leave all the nastiness behind :tongue::biggrin:
My youngest daughter is coming with . . . I will put her on camera duty . . . and, yes, I can't wait to leave the nastiness behind and start afresh. Fingers crossed my gorgeous boy doesn't disgrace himself.