My gorgeous doggy has now passed


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Aug 4, 2008
As a few of you might have known from my last thread, my dog, Portia, has been ill and refusing to eat.

I hadn't seen her as I had been at my mums but I went back to my dads on tuesday. I was distraught seeing her so restless and refusing to eat, there hasn't been one day in her life where she hasn't eaten (she didn't even eat her favourite thing ever, apple cores!) but then I slowly temped her and she ate a couple of little things on tuesday. I was really happy :)

Then she starting eating even more yesterday!! And she seemed happy, still not herself, but happy. Last night I slept on the floor with her - I must have somehow known what was going to happen... She woke up in the night and was really restless and wanted to be sick but couldn't, me and my dad were up for hours and I was crying my eyes out. In the end we couldn't do much so I made her lay down and I was cuddling her all night. In the morning she must have wandered into my dads room and just gone to sleep and gone in her sleep because my dad woke me up saying he thought she was gone, she was.

I miss my baby girl so much I don't really know what to do, but she lived to the amazing age of 15 (and she's a basset hound, and she's blind too because of an infection in her eyes a few years ago) She's been there my whole life and she's given my family so many funny times. She was always making me happy, like even when she started eating, she did it when had come back as if she was trying to make me happy because she knew I was so upset.

Anyway, here's to my amazing dog, Portia, who has been there for me throughout everything. This is the hardest thing that's ever happened to me, but I love her so much and I know she'll always be with me.

Love you pup xoxox

Puppy days :) xx

me and my baby xx

aww and again xx

quite a recent one (wet hair not greasy by the way :p) xx

my amazing old girl xx
Jul 23, 2008
That's so sad - I have been there but wasn't lucky enough for my boy to go in his sleep. It's so nice that you slept with her on your last night together - I'm sure that meant alot to both of you! RIP Portia. x


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Sep 17, 2006
at the farm, near the zoo
aww i really do feel for you, its must be so hard ... i think you should focus on all the good times you had together. we lost our dog last july and for xmas for my partner i commissioned a sketch portrait of her which will be finished at the end of feb. perhaps you could do something similar to remember her by
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