Mylo was so good for the vet yesterday, and then......

Star the Fell

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Jun 14, 2015
....he bit him!!

It was accidental though.

Vet had been out to do his teeth. Last time Mylo was very worried, so I thought he may need sedating, but no, he was so, so good. Stood perfectly still to have his top teeth done, got a bit fed up and moved around slightly to have his bottom teeth done, but no trouble at all.

I gave him lots of fuss whilst the vet put away the tools. Vet then came back and was demonstrating how to take a saliva swap for the new worm test.
He showed me how to slip my finger inside Mylo mouth ‘be careful not to get bitten’ he said, swiftly followed by ‘he just bit me’. It was said so matter of factly that it made me laugh. I think Mylo was just expecting a treat for being such a good boy that he thought the vets finger must be a carrot.
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May 22, 2008
East Yorkshire
Tess usually thanks our Vets by stamping on their feet. its a standing joke now after 20+ years, she will let them do anything un tethered but you can see her watching their feet if they hang around too long she has the stamp off to a fine art. she just looks at them as if to say well you should know better by now.
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