Native Pony Dressage Turnout/Advice


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
I think for the intro tests they are quite relaxed but it is general stuff like a white saddle cloth or numnah, a snaffle bit (or double bridle) and no extra tack like martingales or boots. You are allowed blingy browbands if that's your thing. As a native she doesn't need to be plaited up, although if she has a long mane, a running plait would mean a judge can see her neck properly, but it's not essential.

For you, beige or white joddies, a black or navy jacket and hat and a pair of white gloves is correct turnout. And no spurs. And you are allowed a schooling whip.


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Jan 6, 2006
Snaffle bridle, and check your snaffle is a legal one. No martingale, but a breastplate or neck strap is allowed. No boots. Numnah or saddle cloth must be of a discrete colour or white, black or brown are perfectly acceptable. Plaiting isn't compulsory but obviously clean & tidy out of respect to judge & organisers.

For you long boots or matching boots & chaps. Tweed or black/navy jacket (other dark colours may be allowed but I'm not sure). Tie with tweed or stock or princess collar with black/navy. Light coloured breeches - white, cream or even fawn with tweed. Black of navy riding hat or skull cap with silk. Light coloured gloves. Whip allowed but no spurs. Long hair should be in a net.

If you look on the British Dressage sight there are very detailed lists on what are allowed, and riding clubs nearly always stick to the same rules.