New Saddle help please


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Dec 2, 2010
east sussex
Does any one know of a good saddler in East Sussex?

Also what happens at a saddle fitting? I think that my saddle slipping was part of the reason why I fell off so spectacularly, and am reluctant to ride until this is checked out, but am not allowed to ride for some months yet. Would this cause a problem with the fitting? could I have someone else ride him?


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Apr 16, 2009
It really does depend on the saddler. A good one will do a template of your horses back to they can see if the horse is level and work out how wide the horse is. Some do this by sight only but I like to have the template that way when they came back out for my six month check up they can see if the horse has changed shape and make any adjustments based on the template as well.

If you did not buy the saddle form that saddler in my experience only they general say that it does not fit your horse and you need a new one! oh and they will just happen to have a couple for you to try. Again this why I get a template and I use the same saddler (i was lucky she is excellent and said my saddle which was purchased new using a different saddler did fit but needed a whole re flock.

You should get on the horse so that they can see if the saddle moves when ridden in each gait and if the saddle fits you as well and is comfortable. The last part is not as important as it fitting the horse correctly but if the saddle is not comfortable you will more about in it and therefore move the saddle. But if you can't ride get some one the same size as you (or your bum size at least) .

Good luck getting the saddle right is soooo important and will have an effect on you and your horse.
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