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Apr 27, 2003
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Hi All - just to update on my posting some time ago about having to leave my yard after my YO had a hissy fit about my anger over the carelessness and unconcern about my horse's welfare.

I have found a new yard! It's in beatiful countryside, no road work and great turnout. The stable my horse has been allocated is not, I have to admit, as roomy or light as my current one, but overall, I think it is going to be a good move. The YO is friendly, but quite down to earth and honest, which I like, as I'm the same way, she also has a very professional approach and was pretty adamant, without any prompting from me about the no bitching policy she insists on, and the fact that there is a lot of knowledge amongst the riders, who can help and advise me, without carping, criticism and resentment.

There may well be problems of some sort or other as time goes on, but I felt very confident when I visited that I could relax and leave my horse in their care, so I can at last go off with my hubby for a much needed holiday! I can't tell you how good this makes me feel. I haven't slept in months worrying about my horse, and the nasty excluding behaviour I have been experiencing from some liveries, and have had a few nights of unbroken sleep - even going to bed one night at 9.30 I was so exhausted, and sleeping until 1p.m the next day! Disgusting wasn't it? But I felt so refreshed and ready to move on, I decided I shouldn't feel guilty about that!

Of course the exclusions, and the dismissive attitudes from the above-mentioned is still going on, but I just don't care any more. As my husband says, they are not worth the effort of getting upset about it, and are not fit to lick my boots! A bit over the top, I know, but without him, my family and all the help and support I have had from all of you, I would have given up! Also, there are other liveries who are not being malicious or spiteful who wish me well, and don't think the YO is faultless, and are aware of how shabbily I have been treated.

For anyone else feeling as I did, things can improve, so hang on in there and have faith. :)

Roseanne xxx


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Mar 8, 2005
good on you, I made the move 4 weeks ago tomorrow and boy has it done me and my horses the power of good!

It took a lot of guts to go to the YO and say I was going as we were also friends away from the yard, I then told them I was going because I couldn't stick one particular livery there, especially when I discovered the reason Milou was so headshy was because he was getting beaten by leadropes at the field gate.

so now Amber, Milou and Laura's Matilda are in their own paddock, just the new YO's 3 horses on the yard, its peaceful and quiet, tons of quiet lanes, rarely meet any traffic and brilliant canter tracks too!

Its lovely to get into the car and drive up and not be anxious about what form the other livery is going to be in and what hassles/arguements and bullying there would be.

My own mental state was being affected, now I'm chilled out and the horses are chilled out!


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Jul 31, 2005
Every cloud has a silver lining!!! :)

Sorry to hear you have been so affected by things... with the summer weather on the way too you will have lots of new places to explore... enjoy!!!


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Feb 22, 2005
Hi Roseanne,

I don't think I got around to posting on your last thread, but I have to say, this is great news:) I moved yards a year ago in similar circumstances, was a big move for me as I'd been at the old place for 5 years or so, but the best thing I ever did! Having a nice atmosphere makes all the difference in the world:D


Oct 14, 2006
Surrey, UK
Our horse's welfare can really become an all-consuming problem, affecting normal life. No wonder you were so tired and depressed! Am over the MOON that you have found a good yard to go to.. even if it blows over with the YO, you will never trust your horse in her care again. Many owners feel they have to put up with such behaviour due to the plus points of a yard, but sometimes that really isn't right for everyone, so well done for actively going out to find a new yard!

When do you move? The old YO should let you go immediately without any notice period pay after the level of care you got. Can't see her thinking that though. So grin and bear it... you will soon be OUT! (have you handed in your notice yet?)


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Apr 27, 2003
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No longer Devastated

Hi All - Thank you for your posts :) I will be out of my old yard very soon, hopefully by the end of the month if I can arrange it. I really feel this will be a new beginning for us and I'm feeling so relaxed now, I can't stop smiling!

I'm off to visit the new yard again shortly, so logging off now.

Many thanks again. :) :) :)

Roseanne xxx
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