not knowing where you stand


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Jul 21, 2009
i prob will never forget this,it is sad but just wanted to share it.have you ever been around a horse that makes you feel awfull? or almost puts you in a very uncomfortable place.i have and it was the most uneasy ive felt around a horse.its like he had no care for the world,vacant expression,unseeing eyes with hate in them,this was from the start!i understand now and totally sympathise with what he went throu,but i was lucky enough only just, he hadnt got me,as he nearly did on a few occasions. my sister decided she wanted to look at this ex-race horse locally for sale,so we went and took a look and decided for a vetting,i wasnt sure at first view but if he got the vets ok, would go with what my sis wanted.sure enough he arrived with alot of mud fever,so sorted that out.we started to have a lunge with him and see whats what,from the 2nd week i knew this was going no-where and my sis left me to deal with it after he buggered of on the lunge and done her finger in! she never touched him after that which i was really annoyed i had a go and one or several times i was bringing him in from the feild,and suddenly i felt a rather heavey bang on my back,flippen heck after nearly being knocked of my feet with wind i managed to sort myself out and a immd looked at this horse right in the eye "are you serious"yes he was,his done this before.he wasnt on our side and never was,thou we scrapped through for 10months.i said to my sis sorry your horse needs a vet looking at him again,no-one was convinced that it was a health issue and just assumed i didnt know what i was doing and the horse was just being rude.well no-way was i haveing it no horse on the planet would act in that manor,sure enough i saved everyones silly head,he had a "cycst"in the joint and was lame enough to be unable to be ridden.his pain was clear in this instance but he had crossed that awful path where there is no more,he was so so quiet because he didnt give a care about anyone or anything.u had to keep your wits about you,lead by the shoulder and tie in the stable that sort of thing.he was turned out full time as soon as the weather improved and sadly but wisely put down in the spring.
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