Not sure what to do...


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Aug 10, 2009
County Durham
Last night my dad took me to find out how much it was for livery at a yard near me so i could keep a horse there for summer but no-one was there and we rang the yard owner but she didnt answer. So we decided to go and see my dads friend (Who also has horses, kept at a yard near my dads house) who mentioned some one at the farm was looking for a person to loan his pony and ive just been down to the yard to ride her.
Shes a welsh x called Summer, chestnut and 16. Shes quite friendly if a little bolshy on the ground.
Now, im quite happy to have a chance to ride but a few downsides that are running through my head:
She has cushings - I dont know anything about it or what it does to horses or if she needs to be treated diffrent to other ponies. She has two tablets a day for it though.
She hasnt been ridden for 4 years, shes been driven but not ridden. I dont know if im a good enough rider to ride her becasue of this, also there isnt a school or a feild i can ride in. The only choices i have the BIG feild which has crops in but theres a grassy lane next to it, hacking out or i would have to get someone to put the stallion in his stable then ride in his feild which will be a pain to have to keep doning and the others arent very good becasue i get nervous cantering in a big space for the first time.
Although i enjoy hacking its not my favorite thing to do, i like to try a bit of schooling too.
This yard is further from my sisters house and theres no where to keep the tack so i have to carry it all the way.

Theres also some more but i have temporialy forgot them. :redface:

I dont have to have her on loan and i can continue looking for a diffrent pony but im not sure what to do.

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Jun 1, 2009
If you are not sure then walk away, far too many doubts there to consider it. There will be one more suitable for you that comes up.


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Honestly, I'm not sure about her. How did you feel when you rode her? How did she behave? It sounds as though there might be a lot of issues with her, and that you are not 100% confident about your ability to bring her back into work properly. Also, it sounds as though the situation could easily become a bit hard - carrying your tack all that way is tough, especially in the winter.

I know it must feel amazing to be offered a pony to ride, but I think that lots of people are looking for good loaners and sharers at the moment. It might be sensible to wait a bit and see what else turns up.

Thinking about it - how would you feel saying, "I don't think I'm confident to take her on full loan at the moment, but I'm happy to ride her for you a few times to see how we get on"? Who knows, perhaps she will come back lovely and you'd be silly to miss her.

I know nothing about Cushing's but lots of other people do and I'm sure they'll give you good advice.


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Jul 14, 2007
I don't know too much about the ins and outs of Cushings either, but
sounds like it may be under control with the tablets.

Jane&Ziggy has come up with a brilliant suggestion though in saying about
trying her a few times before making a decision:wink::smile:
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