Off to meet two loans, wish me luck!


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Dec 11, 2011
Off to meet two part loans this afternoon (god knows I must be mad in this weather!)

One is at a yard a friendly girl in her 20s owns and runs - she has two horses up for loan, one is a rising 15yo tb, and the other is a 12yo trakhner.
I'm not sure what to make of this so far as owner is wanting me to ride both, along with another loaner who will be doing the same. Then the owner is wanting to compete in summer herself with the two. I know they're not my hosses but, I think I am in danger of feeling a little cheated that I might have to share with two people and that I'll be doing the hard work over winter.
But we will see, they might be lovely horses worth my while :)

The other is a young and very green horse who's owner is looking for someone to work with and bring her on. Says that she bought her at the spurr of the moment because she was such a lovely horse, she already has two others who she competes with and XC, and says she wants someone to build a bond with her little girl.
Obviously my worries are huuuge for this loan, as, although shes been backed, broken and schooled. It's a whole lot of horse to take on and teach.

Not sure if either will be right, but no harm in looking. Wish me luck!
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