OH is technically no longer a beginner!


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Aug 31, 2004
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I can't remember whether I posted that Richard has been having riding lessons. He used to have lessons a few years ago, but fell off, hurt his back and lost all confidence. Well, we've decided to go to the Camargue for a long weekend (not booked yet) to a gorgeous hotel, also a working farm, where you have the opportunity to ride out and herd the bulls. He decided he was going to have to be able to ride as otherwise he'd miss out, so started lessons a few weeks ago. He also got on Sennie last weekend- no pics unfortunately. ;)

Well, after his last lesson, when he walked trotted and cantered three times in the school, his RI told him he's no longer a beginner, but has graduated to being a "novice". So, he's been moved into the novice class. I'm really proud of him.:) :)

He can't get a lesson next week as the class is full on alternate weeks, so looks like my little 15hh section d will have the joy of carrying 6ft 3 in 14 stone OH. I'm determined to get the video working after enjoying Whatanejit's video clips so much, so watch this space.:D

He does say one of the things he likes about riding lessons is the horse is ready for him when he gets there. When I let him on Sennie, he has to earn his ride by helping muck out, clean buckets etc. Nothing like a bit of willing slavery.:rolleyes: ;)


Jan 19, 2005
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Good for Richard. He's obviously progressing and its lovely to have an OH who shares a riding interest. Have finally managed to get Tom to join me on a hack on Saturday morning, but unfortunately he'll be riding something with two wheels instead of four legs but its a start! Keep us updated on Richard's progress.


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Apr 16, 2000
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cazrider said:
Nothing like a bit of willing slavery.:rolleyes: ;)
Oh no, he is starting on that long slippery slope. It starts with have a go at riding then progresses to helping mucking out and ends doing the lot so OH can have a lie in.
I suggest he gets his own horse then he is on an eqaul footing ;)

Little Dolphins

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Nov 8, 2005
Well done Richard, especially since he had such a nasty experience in the past. Sounds like he's enjoying it all again:)

The Camargue trip sounds wonderful!
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