older rider - still working on fear and confidence


Oct 6, 2015
hi - riding for 9 years... started on a different horse due to health issues with my pony - i want to ride to bond with my granddaughter and daughter - going slow and building confidence... i rode new horse once, walked and trotted - its different... i will take it day to day and feel good about any progress i make. thanks


2 loves of my life
Jul 22, 2015
hi welcome its harder when we are older isn't it
confidence seems to be difficult to attain - things don't work like they used to and balance for me anyway is an issue but riding gives me so much pleasure - its what i need in my life to feel my youth again


Oct 6, 2015
I'm riding the barn owners horse (well one of them... a nice guy) its not my horse. The pony i rode before has had bad feet for a while - its my daughters pony since childhood and is now 22. We are hoping to have her feet feel ok and now she is having an episode, she has foundered before... I hope to have her comfortable - my daugher is in charge - we have a vet and ferrier involved. I doubt i will ride her again - but hope she will be able to go into the pasture and enjoy life a bit - we are taking it day by day. I am thankful to be able to ride another horse as the horse my daughter currently rides is above my level. He is faster and flightly - good for my daugher! I actually did much better on my second ride and cantered a bit both ways! I am happy with myself. I didn't have fear - but did hold on to the martingale my daughter put on.
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