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Dec 21, 2003
Bodshi - Thank you, yes I did enjoy Olympia.

And so pleased to see some unbelieveable riding - Carl Hester for once was a pleasure to watch. Almost relaxed. A couple of young British riders (my memory fails in old age to name them).

However while I am watching, I cant predict how the marks will fall. All th edecimal points awarded are mystifying.

The German who won last year rode what looked to me well, tho stiff in German fashion and I had no idea that he would be placed only fourth!

People said he won last year for the artistic content? But what is art really? He did ride very difficult movements and I guess that is like in skatng. It increases the marks, if it goes well, which it did last night. So what makes the winner is in the mind's eye.

Watching Charlotte, I sort of think - This is exactly what a horse should be .

I believe you can watch it on catch up. Via the BBC or the f e i (Equestrian federation) site on You tube which is where we watched the first round (Monday) The details of all Olympia events on TV are posted on the Horse and Hound forum.

Obviously I cant ride like Charlotte or any top dressage rider, but I do learn from watching riders do things and seem able to mimic.

I also had Richard Davidson's disks and use stuff from them, but prefer Carl Hester. I once heard them in conversation at a dressage convention and they are not identical.

Richard Davidson trains the UK team and his instructon disks are useful too. but I wonder if instructors find it had to ride well because they are concentrating on correctness? Professional rather than a pleasure.
My bible for dressage is Carl Hester's first little book. You can get it second hand in paperback very cheap.
Down to Earth Dressage: How to Train Your Horse - and Enjoy it!
by Carl Hester and Bernadette Faurie | 31 May 1999

One think I hate in dressage is the fixed necks of the horses curved round onto the veritcal. Some of them yesterday didnt even stretch their necks in the walk -either they have been bred that way to win marks or trained by roll kur- One young rider competed on a horse bred for jumping by one of the Whittakers. That was nice.She had been a surprise high scorer the night before.

That is my uneducated view of watching last night written after a late night and having my tooth out - so no intellectual masterpiece. I hope you more experienced riders may have your own things to add. As we will all probably be watching some events on TV.
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Jun 4, 2014
I enjoyed watching the dressage last night, what I was really enjoyed was seeing a marked increase in the number of relaxed horses from previous times. From memory, I think only a few showed obvious signs of tension - I have to admit, I didn't like Louise Bell's test for that reason and was surprised by her high marks. But can appreciate it's a huge achievement for her to be at Olympia.

I'm not a huge fan of modern day 'sports' dressage but the Carl, Charlotte, Richard and Charlotte Fry show more classical influence in their training and riding than others IMHO, which I think is encouraging.
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