one of those 'which yard' thread

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Nov 4, 2008
Hi all

I have been offered a place at my friends yard but cant decide if i want to move or not

Current yard: 116 per month, 2min drive from house or a 10min walk, i often walk the dog past it so easy to check on him as his field borders the farm track i walk dog along
Has arena, though i dont ride in it really as bit small and kennedy and i arent too bothered with the school
Im able to put a paddock up in summer and keep out in winter unless its really wet, however i share with someone who keeps hers in (along with rest of yard) even when its dry so he can be out on his own and she isnt big fan of my paddock
Noone rides on my yard its often just me down there, although someone new just moved on who has said she will ride out

Potential yard 80 with stable or 60 grass livery, just waiting to see if stable is available, 5/10mins drive, out all year round with individual paddocks you can do what you want with summer and a big winter field, 2/3 people to ride with including one of my good friends, more social however my dog wouldnt be allowed on the yard as she doesnt get on with other dogs

Both have equally good hacking

Any thoughts?


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Apr 26, 2017
Yard dilemmas are always difficult! But out of the two I'd have to go for the second option- good turnout and someone to ride with are some of the most important factors for me! That's why I moved mine from just down the road to a yard 20 minutes away by car :)


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I'd be really tied, hacking buddies aren't a concern for me particularly but turnout and having them close to home is (too many years of driving miles to the horses), I'd probably drive there at the worst time for traffic and time it, plus consider if the roads could be bad in bad weather and if so can someone on the yard do him?


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Crikey is that per MONTH? I have the most basic grass livery and it's more than £100 pm per horse. Wow!

Now, to your point - how much do you like to take your dog to the yard? And how important is hacking company to you?
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Nov 4, 2008
Owner lives on site to check them but we are responsible for feeding hay in winter etc...other 2 women there are happy to share feeding and they text if they have checked horses

She only comes when i check on him so having her not on the yard isnt huge, id just feel guilty leaving her behind i think during the weekday evenings

Ive hacked on my own for a few years so isnt an issue but i have found my motivation dip the last year at least and was thinking this might be why? My current yard is a ghost town!