one thing after another :(

Native Lover

Native Pony Fan
Jul 13, 2009
Lincolnshire,wheres the hills?
well hes ok from the cancer and off the cheamo and now he keeps falling says hes weak on one side..I called the ambulace to take him to hospital.... he say theres a side effect to cheamo that weakens your moter something and nerve endings..... I am praying they can sort it in hesnot allowed to drive if its the condition he mentioned..... which means the ponies will have to be rehomed...

Just want him to be well again and back to normal life :( Its been a long hard slog this last so worried.


Cantering cabbage!
May 18, 2009
Oh no NL as if you haven't had enough to cope with, sending you my very best healing vibes, love and hugs x


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Oct 6, 2016
Oh no. You poor things. I really feel for you. Two of my close family members were hit with cancer a couple of years back and it is so hard to watch and to deal with. Do they think the stroke has anything to do with this or was it something else? I know strokes are also linked to stress and it sounds like you've had a god awful year! My mum had a minor stroke a few months back and it was very frightening for us all. It's positive that they have identified that as the cause sooner rather than just assuming it was the chemo that had caused it.

Sending you lots of hope in these difficult times.

KP nut

I'd rather be riding.
Dec 22, 2008
So sorry to read this. My step dad has also been battling health problems on multiple fronts: cancer, stroke and heart disease all at once! It feels like a never ending, plate spinning saga when you are in the middle of it. But he has come through it all ok in the end. Sending you both lots of love and courage.

Star the Fell

Well-Known Member
Jun 14, 2015
What a bad time you're having! I hope he improved quickly and is home very soon. It must be so worrying for you xx


Cantering cabbage!
May 18, 2009
Easy for me to say but try not to worry too much, he is in the best place with the best care and they will do their best for him. He's come so far and battled through the cancer, believe that he can battle through this too. Just know that we are all thinking about you and all sending our very best thoughts and love your way. Huge hugs and love x x


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Jan 15, 2010
so sorry to read this and sending thoughts & prayers

i hope the surgery went ok? you really do deserve a break :( xx
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