Our hack today!

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Toffee - Spotted Hotshot
Feb 27, 2015
North East, UK
Hope everyone is having a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Today we did a solo hack and went exploring. We did 7.8 miles and had heaps of fun together!

Last year he was terrified of large vehicles (tractors, horse boxes etc) and also motorbikes. Today with the weather being so beautiful, everything was out. I was so incredibly proud of him and pleased with how he has come on because we passed several very loud motorbikes, farm vehicles and even had to squeeze past an 8 ton horse box on a narrow country lane (and when I say squeeze, I mean squeeze, my leg was in the hedge lol) and he didn't even flinch. The only thing he spooked at was some birds that randomly flew up out the trees and a dog that appeared from nowhere behind a fence and was barking loudly at him but I kicked on and we got past. Feel so safe on him these days, he truly looks after me and me him, we trust each other so much and it's lovely. :)