Please could I have some help...saddle again!


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Jul 18, 2005
North west
I posted the other week about being concerned about Silvers saddle not fitting... I have now downsized her to a 14" saddle - the first I tried was miles to narrow, and now I have a synthetic one (the only other 14" saddle there was in the shop)... Please could you have a look at the photos and see what you think? It can be reflocked as the underneath is quite squishy but she said to try it and then if it is ok it will be reflocked...

P.S. Please excuse the filthy pony - I have no idea how she sleeps with her whole face in poo :rolleyes:






Thanks :)


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Feb 8, 2008
Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
The length looks good, the panel shape looks to be ok but it could sit a bit futher back off her shoulders though:)...the best thing to do is get a fitter out to have a look at it and make sure it is the right shape panel/gullet for her.:)


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Dec 30, 2006
I agree with kis vihar.

The other thing to consider is that even if a saddle looks ok in a pic when nobody is sat in it, it can look very different with a rider in it.

I remember when I bought my new saddle. The fitter got it all set up and was very pleased with it. I barely had time to get my bum in the saddle before she ordered me straight back off again and put different panels on it :rolleyes:
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