Please pray for Millie


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Apr 25, 2003
Was Millie from a poodle rescue place @diplomaticandtactful . I know you got her fairly quickly and you have Harrison. I ask because my mum has wanted a standard poodle for sometime. I know you are a long way from me, but i want to look at possibility from a poodle rescue. So if you have any good links i can look at i would be grateful. Whilst i have said i am not having another dog until Floss and Abbey have left us. It wont be long till we have to say goodbye to Abbs. I really want another working collie but might consider a poodle as well.
Poodle Network UK for Millie, Loving Homes Dog Rescue Orkney for Harrison and Kim but it was a fluke they had poodles. The other folks who have poodles are Many Tears Rescue but they are ex breeding dogs, have to go with a resident dog, not house trained etc
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