Please Wish me Luck!!!!


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Sep 14, 2009
Well .............. looks like I am def going to have to start going out alone. Friend has received an offer on her house today - long story but she and her OH split up, she is with someone else and has seen a house on the other side of a biggish town/city that she thinks she and her new OH would like to buy. I cannot see she is going to be travelling for ages to our yard, and as she is now happy with new BF, is all for doing couply things - which of course is natural and to be expected!

I cannot expect YO to baby sit me forever, especially as she hacks out with another livery who has been with her for ten years. Other lady is retired and of course they ride later in the week day mornings than I can. Lady is moving to France and YO has already earmarked me as her replacement!!! However, I cannot keep relying on other people. It was all very well with friend who I have known ages, but I cannot expect relative strangers to wrap me in cotton wool.

So, am just going to have to strap a pair on (as colleague in office says!!!) and get on with hacking out alone. Am going to start tomorrow morning!!!

May I have a LOT of good luck vibes please!!!


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
I think you'll suprise yourself :biggrin: And i reckon Toby (Who is now the hacking king! :wink:) will be absolutly fine!

Think positive and enjoy!! :biggrin:

Dizzy Woo

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Apr 20, 2008
You go girl!!
You and Tobes have put in so much work I KNOW you are going to be fine, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy..............................:dance:


Sep 25, 2009
Do it Do it, you'l be fine.

i will be hacking out alone tomorrow too :cold: i will be thinking of you.

i'll report back if you do.

no backing out :wink:

Flipo's Mum

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Aug 17, 2009
Perthshire, Scotland
You don't need vibes mrs but you're getting some good old Scottish ones anyway. Have fun. Try to think of some songs to sing incase you get nervous (I can never think of any at the time!) and enjoy!!

Mary Poppins

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Oct 10, 2004
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You don't need vibes mrs but you're getting some good old Scottish ones anyway. Have fun. Try to think of some songs to sing incase you get nervous (I can never think of any at the time!) and enjoy!!

I was singing songs from 'Mama Mia' to Ben last week when we were hacking. He actually relaxed a lot more when I stopped!


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May 27, 2007
you will be fine! and a suggestion - don't ride out the yard and think 'I'm going on a hack alone' as you will both scare yourselves silly.

How about saying ' you are going to lead toby out for a walk hack' tack him up, put a headcollar underneath his bridle if needbe and go for a walk.....THEN when you feel calm and absolutely fine (which might be the first walk, it might be consecutive walks) get on and just have a little walk. Believe you can always get off if you want to. Talk to him, sing to him, do anything that involves you speaking as speaking = breathing and not subconsiously holding your breath! and that's it! Each time slowly extend how much riding and at what pace compared to the amount of walking..and still go out with your friends inbetween time so he gets used to company and going alone :)


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May 18, 2009
Believe in yourself and your horse :) you may be surprised, I mostly have no choice but to hack alone and am very good at giving Belle a running comentary - makes me feel better and Im sure if nothing else makes Belle realise Im still there. Go enjoy. To be honest I quite like going on my own, that way I only need to ask myself which way and at what pace.


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May 30, 2002
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I missed this..but all the vibes in the world for the best improved nervous nellie award winner..I dont even think of you as nervous anymore.... :happy:

I hope the ride has gone well...please update us instead of working this morning:happy:


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Sep 14, 2009
Hold those vibes please - because we didn't go!

It rained and his back was wet and it was also incredibly foggy this morning. YO said there is no point in setting either he or I up to fail because everything is of course scarey in swirling fog!

So having hyped myself up to do it ......... we didn't! If flies aren't too biting tonight, I will I think, failing that tomorrow morning.


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Ah the darn weather! It has rained Storm and I off two days in a row! Lol don't know which one of us bolted back to the stables the quickest....hehehe. Good luck for tonight or tomorrow - weather permitting of course!


Sep 25, 2009
Ahh no, that's always the way isnt it,

Well i didnt ride either, was raining and ponio was wet and v muddy, so hopefully will be riding in morning.

Have you tried using rescue remedy for yourself, I use it, i think it does make a bit of a difference, mind you i do tend to overdose on it ha.
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