Pony in transition is this normal?


Aug 11, 2002
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His hooves are starting to look a bit better but the hoof wall is above the levle of the sole not near the ground. It is however far better than it was 6 weeks ago. He is fine on grass and cantered to me today. However he is still footy on stony ground and will not trot at all ridder (only tried a few strides as an experiment). He doesnt seem happy with his hoof boots at trot either.

The white legs are the back ones and the black legs are his front ones. The back ones have been better from day 1. His fronts are starting to have a rim between the missing hoof wall (feet were rubbish when shoes came of) and the main hoof. He has something wierd going on with one front frog as its sort of sloughing of.

Is the above normal for bare after 6 to 8 weeks? I worry that he will not be okay to ride next year. I am barefooting as he had worrying lumps on his pasterns which have now gone away.


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I would personally say it isn't unexpected. I would be a little concerned about the boots though, what have you got? Boots should get you a horse as good as a shod one in normal circumstances.


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I suspect the rim you are talking about is probably the separation of the wall and the sole (I can see it is happening there). Easily remedied with a trim and nice mustang roll. The frog thing is probably a fungus, get some fungus killer (I use lysol) and give it a spray.

Feet actually look pretty good to me, I wouldn't be beyond some light work even if it is just a walk. Got to start somewhere. You can use cavalettis at the walk in all sorts of ways to keep his back in shape and keep him flexible. :)


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Aug 27, 2002
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Its not abnormal but not ideal either. Separation (gap between wall and sole) and being footy means it'd be worth looking at diet, cutting down on anything too sugary including too much grass.

If not comfortable in boots, which might be expected if walking totally on the sole rather than wall and not had a chance to grow decent sole yet or if the frogs are sticking out further than the wall and getting bruised, then it'd be worth trying some solemate pads inside the boots for comfort.

Frogs shedding can be normal or possibly some infection in there, its worth giving them a squirt of something like milton anyway to make sure there's no infection getting out of hand even if it is just simple shedding frogs.


Maybe just not used to hoofboots yet.

I put them on a few times with me there, then let him loose in them, then rode in them. Then turned him out 24/7 for a few days. He canters in them in the field. But has not cantered in them with me on. He waits till he is barefoot to canter with me. I think it is in his head, especially now I just got him a back set as well.

He has had front ones 2 yrs and still wont canter with me on with them. Probably worried about tripping, I certainly am and maybe he feels that.


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Jul 12, 2007
Ditto above but there is the start of an infection in the frogs more so the fronts. Treat REGULARLY until all signs of infection has gone. She will be footy or land toe first if there is any infection in the frogs.


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May 7, 2008
Victoria, Australia
Again ditto the above, with the exception of not getting boots yet.

They look pretty reasonable overall. Front heels perhaps a bit high, but possibly right for now, until the frog strengthens. They need a good mustang roll & I would probably bevel the front toes & separated areas more, tho it's hard to tell how without seeing the whole foot.
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