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Jul 7, 2002
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Would you not feel happier yourself riding something bigger? As has been said before, in this country (GB) people of 11stone and more do not ride 12.2hh ponies - that's not very kind. I too think it's best you try a native pony of around 14hh/14.2hh. A Fell (around 14hh) Dales or Highland would be the mount for you. If the pony sags when you're on it, then it's uncomfortable and, you wont be doing its back any good. So please, think of the pony and ride something a bit larger. I know you probably like to ride but the animal has to be considered and put before your fondness for small pony riding. You'll feel more comfortable as well.


Originally posted by Cheko
As has been said before, in this country (GB) people of 11stone and more do not ride 12.2hh ponies - that's not very kind.
thats not always true!!! ive seen people at county level riding 12hh sec A ponies who weighed more than that!!! i personaly am about 11.5-12st and i ride a 12.2 hh veteran pony (23 years old!!) with no problems at county level and he has no problems takeing it (i cant put anyone smaller on him as he has no breaks!!) at the last show i went to i had 4 inches of rein between my hands and his bit and he still cantered off to the other side of the feild!!! im well known in the veteran classes round here and no one has ever said that i weigh to much!!(i have however had a comment about needing rollerskates!) here is a pic of us, this was taken earlier this season (juneish).


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Aug 29, 2004
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Hi there
I am 5 foot and weigh 13 stone. I ride a 14.2 cob with eight and half inch bone. He is more than capable of carrying my weight. So perhaps look out for the chunkier cobs. They are no less fun than other types of ponies, or any less forward going.
If you are in doubt perhaps change to another riding school where they do have cobs. Cobs do all disciplines too.
What ever continue to have fun.
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