Possibly one of my longest projects


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Do you remember I got this trailer in 2019, the important bits were solid but it was tired and the wiring shot
706414EA-50A3-4DA8-956A-44A2E2782AD8.jpeg A25184FB-2E22-4D75-8568-8D44EE182FEC.jpeg C483D4E6-4913-4B5C-A80B-7C8053CA1F04.jpeg 42749264-B329-400D-9154-5A6D01C0C572.jpeg
I’ve just been doing it as and when I have the time and money to spare but it looking great now, sanded, painted, splash backs added, rewired. Last job is to replace the ramp, it’s usable but it’s starting to go at the bottom so best to just do it. It tows like a dream 😁
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