Post a photo 2021 edition


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Nov 11, 2018
Weather is threatening and much more stuffy but had fun play.
I had to take it very slow at first
The turkeys were behind the house when i went out then I didn't see them.
I go to the big rd pen they are in with
He quietly went around and they wandered out.
Then we had a good play

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I pulled some older photos to print and play with LAYERING.

This was the very long narrow bridge at Borderland
I was on Sonny ..Jeff the trainer Andi and I were working with was on her.

Both were stars... Not that I had any thoughts they would not be.
Once you started you had to keep going . View attachment 108175 View attachment 108176 View attachment 108177 View attachment 108178

I'd never have got Ramsey over that - He was terrible about bridges!


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Apr 6, 2021
Woo I have a picture. Not today but this came up on my memories. This is the BE 90 at his first BE when I had him. This is at Dalkeith. The jump still terrifies me. Didn’t bother him in the slightest.


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Dec 3, 2014
Rhode Island,New england
The remnants of IDA caused lots of devastation tornadoes and flooding from Pennsylvania to up here. New Jersey got
Lots of tornadoes not too many up here
Mostly towards the cape.
Mostly flooding issues up this here.
Areas can't absorb 6 to 8 inches of rain.

This was just on the news a large horse farm south of here...
I guess if you have lemons make lemonade.
No horses were insured and it looks like they still had quite a bit of higher ground


This wasn't good the whole road collapsed 20210902_160533.jpg 20210902_160324.jpg

We faired well here again. Thank God
I took a little ride to look at a few waterfalls in town and the lovely covered bridge I can pass on the way to taking fecals to the vet.
20210902_081245.jpg 20210902_080521.jpg 20210902_132153.jpg 20210902_132332.jpg

The main north south road to the vets was closed just after the turn onto their road.
That looked quite nasty it was flooded over with deep water.
That will be a problem if its not sorted its the major road over there.
The Woodstock Fair started late yesterday afternoon

They park cars in the big farm fields and they looked pretty watetlogged.
They get bad quite quick.
We went there years ago just after we got
Our pickup w 4 wh drive.
Torrential rains started while we were there
It was a horror show people were stuck all over the place trying to get out.
They were using tractors to pull vehicles.

On a FUN note
I just love the wild turkeys .
When I was going to the vet the group of males were up the street. 20210902_130428.jpg
They seem to linger in the road which is worrying. Because people fly like idiots on this road.
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chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
Had Mr Fox was round again for supper last night. He loves his plums. I was in the kitchen preping dinner and realised he was there. I did have to laugh he was up on the top of the bank and must have slipped. He came wriggling down through the undergrowth feet 1st. It was quite amusing to watch. At that point I rushed off to get my phone.

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