proud mum alert, the boy done great! *sniff sniff*


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Oct 28, 2004
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What do you get when you cross one of these...

... with one of these...

I've done lots of backing preparation with my little Mouselet but I hadn't really decided when to take the plunge and actually sit on him. And although it would have been lovely to be the first person on his back, he is only just 3 and a dainty little chap, so I did kind of hope I'd be able to find someone small to do it. Then last week my boss's mum said she had invited some friends over for dinner this Thursday, and I had a little brainwave - their 9-year-old daughter would be the perfect first jockey! She's small, gutsy, and accustomed to sitting on youngsters because her mum produces competition ponies, so I knew she'd be calm and confident and not transmit nerves to Mouse. Her mum Agnes said it would be ok, so I asked Pauline if she fancied it and she was really keen.

So yesterday evening I hurried home after work and got Mouse in from the field to clean him up a bit (luckily his fly rug had kept the worst off him), and had him presentable just before they arrived. Pauline had brought her own saddle as her little bum would have swum around in Mouse's, I did insist on Mouse wearing his own numnah though cos it's got his name on it :tongue: He's been going out for walks in full tack for a few months now, and has also trotted and cantered loose in the round pen with the stirrups hanging down, so he's already well adjusted to wearing his saddle, and had accepted the bit nicely too. Pauline just did a bit of bouncing up and down beside him (pony not bothered, surprise surprise) and then it was time to do the deed :D

I was at the front to give Mouse lots of fuss, while Agnes got Pauline up and lying across the saddle, then when she was in position I led him up to the gate and back silently praying that he would be a good boy. Not that I expected trouble, having done all the desensitisation etc and knowing what a quiet pony he normally is, but you know, it was an important thing for me cos he is my first pony and I just wanted so badly for him to be good!

Well all I can say is that I needn't have worried! I kept him walking on a circle, Pauline got her left foot into the stirrup and slowly started to slide her other leg up and over. I asked him to halt, and as Pauline sat up straight his ears swivelled round, he turned his head to get a better look, found her left foot, sniffed it for a moment and then started nibbling her boot :giggle: I walked him on the circle for a few minutes, with Agnes just behind him encouraging him forwards, Pauline using her legs at the same time and taking up a light contact on his mouth. We did some halts and restarts as well, firstly just with my voice and then introducing Pauline's hands as well. There was nothing about any of this that Mouse seemed at all concerned about - his ears were very active, but he was as calm and sensible as always, and so so relaxed. It was just like he'd done it before.

Then I let Agnes take over so I could get my camera out. Pauline started using her legs a bit, and Mouse wasn't bothered by that at all - he wasn't very reactive to them obviously because he hasn't learned what they mean yet, but he didn't mind the movement etc, he was just so chilled out and grown up about it - check out my boy :inlove:

Pauline taking up a contact, and swinging her legs to get him used to the feeling of movement on his sides.

Practising halt, combination of hands and voice.

Bit of trot, he is going to be a whooshy mane sort of pony!

Couple of little videos.

Little trot. He was a bit footy on the gravel, he's only used to being on grass and tarmac so his feet aren't really accustomed to stones yet.

Mounting & dismounting to finish off. ((I know she's pulling the saddle round, this was an oversight on my part as I didn't have anything for her to mount from, but it won't happen again!)). Mouse barely moving a muscle bless him, he is very good at halt!

Tired pony!

So there you have it! I am so so pleased with my boy for being such a superstar, I was bursting with pride the whole time (actually I was close to tears, but don't tell anyone!) and especially because of the praise he got from Agnes. She was full of compliments for his behaviour and also complimented me on the work I've being doing to prepare him for his future career. Pauline loved him too and had brought him some lovely fresh carrots.

I had a few minutes alone with him then to go all mushy and give him lots of cuddles and smooches and tell him how awesome he is. When I turned him out, instead of rushing off to find his girls like he normally does, he just settled into position right where he was and started doing this, poor tired Mouselet!

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Jan 19, 2005
what a little cracker, cant believe how well he stood when being mounted and dismounted ! very impressed!


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Aug 22, 2007
What a super little lad he is!!!! He looks thoroughly unphased!

He's a testament to all the hard work you've done with him


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Mar 15, 2008
Taking it all in his stride, just like a normal day in the field. Oh a passenger that's nice expression.


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Feb 20, 2000
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Well done all round! I was very impressed by the way he ignored that noisy dog. And so sweet the way he went straight to sleep at the end - he must have had a huge amount of new stuff to digest. And a brilliant little rider - bilingual, too!

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He looked like such a pro when she was mounting and dismounting, you wouldn't believe it was his first day being backed!

What a little sweetheart, and hats off to you joosie for a good job well done.


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Jan 7, 2013
What a wonderful moment and well done mouse and well done joosie for all the hard work and prep you have put it together.
He's so gorgeous btw :D
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