QoD - NYD?????


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
Special dinner as it is NYD or CBA?

I usually cook a roast and this year is no exception. We were given a leg of lamb from our employers are part of our Christmas gifts from them and I've got to admit it must have come from a mutant lamb as it is the largest leg of lamb that I've ever SEEN, let alone cooked! :giggle: Currently doing it's stuff in the oven, the aroma is making me drool whilst I'm waiting to steam my veg :redface:


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Mar 2, 2006
ummm prob eating not alot as we just havent had hunger pains yet all xmas, so am waiting for them to come back! if/when they do i really fancy just simple pasta!!!


Well-Known Member
Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Mr T is doing a three bird roast - but it won't be ready until 9ish - we never eat much before then anyways. We are having mash and roasters and carrots too. Nom nom....


Well-Known Member
Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Yes-special food. And it's all yucky! But my OH insists. Black Eyed Peas for Luck. Cabbage for money and salted pork for I don't know what...

How interesting! I didn't know food had special meanings for New Year - apart from over here when the first person over the threshet is meant to be dark haired and carrying a crust of bread and lump of coal.


New Member
Mar 23, 2012
Gateway to europe
Thats interesting Karin. Do you serve them altogether or make different dishes?

Its roast leg of lamb for us with Roast Pots, Butternut Squash, Parsnips, Carrots and Spring Greens and Yorkshire Pudding, gravy and mint sauce. It should have been ready and eaten by know but I am all behind. My cooker is pants and the large leg of lamb has taken an age to cook. It smells divine can't wait!


Well-Known Member
Dec 2, 2010
east sussex
I'm doing lamb as well, its got a morrocan spicy crust on it, and it smells really nice. chickpea and apricot tagine for the veggies keeping to the north african theme. Actually its just that I'd got all the spices and out and thought, why not?


Well-Known Member
Apr 5, 2002
South Yorkshire
We usually go to OH's parent's house for NYD as we spend Christmas at my parent's house. But this year his Dad is working and I'm full of cold so not done anything! I definitely CBA to cook so will probably end up having a takeaway


Grumpy old nag
Aug 5, 2009
Home made Indian at lunch time...Beef Bufaad (sp?), dry carrot and potato curry, samosas and rice. I am now entirely bloated and have awful heart burn. But it really was worth it, we love home made curries.:smile:


New Member
Mar 23, 2012
Gateway to europe
I like the sound of Moroccan food Tillywoo. I bought a book to do some cooking about three years ago and still haven't tried it. One of my must do New Year things.

Atm my husband does the shopping (I did go with him and insist on the lamb). He buys the most boring stuff ever:giggle::giggle:


Active Member
Dec 30, 2006
I did a full roast dinner this afternoon. Love a roast dinner. Hubby is just nuking the Christmas pud as we speak. I've never had brandy butter before but hubby was sent a rather scrummy hamper and done was in that do I'm going to try it for the first time. Mind you, this is only my third year of eating Christmas pud as I thought I didn't like it.


Active Member
Dec 18, 2007
Bournemouth, Dorset
Was expecting to cook for 10 today as I do every Tuesday but people started dropping out, mainly as didnt want the plain, healthy stuff i was offering (sausages, mash and greens) so in the end everyone else had chinese and I had baked salmon and mixed veg couscous - pretty sure it was much nicer than the greasy old chowmeins squatting on their plates! Ill get em with the sausage and mash tomorrow!

Flipo's Mum

Heavy owner of a Heavy
Aug 17, 2009
Perthshire, Scotland
We've got a wee tradition that I cook on NYD and for a change I'm not hungover so managed fine! Leek Crustade served with garlic new baby potatoes, yum yum!

And for dessert, apparently my birthday cake has arrived early and won't keep, so we're having hot chocolate cake for afters!


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Mar 10, 2004
at the yard
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We had a full roast, as is our NYD tradition, complete with crackers and paper hats! No guests though as sister been ill with a migraine.OH had beef and me and mum had cheese and caramelised onion tartlets which I made. Roasters, Yorkshire pud, paxo stuffing, spouts, cabbage, carrots, yummy.
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