Rain rain go away

Apr 25, 2003
Not ridden all week, either been blowing a gale, like an ice rink or just hammering down.

On the plus side I have a new very pink high viz jacket which will frighten Buddy it's so bright.

And 17 bales of haylage lined up, we had two days' supply left when we finally got our delivery.

Aimee has gained weight and is bolshy, which is wonderful. Fleurette is a flying filly, sound and has lost weight so that's good. She is so happy out with Buddy.

Fingers crossed she continues to be sound and stay slimmer. Leo is not losing weight but hopefully as winter continues and no hay, no hard feed, no rug, he will begin to cooperate. Otherwise it is going to be jaws wired shut in the spring.


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
We've had a dry week until last night, my guage of heavy rain is a bend in the road on the way to the horses, normally a heavy rain it floods half way across and 5m along, this morning it was right across the road and for a good 25m along, hells we got a lot of rain last night!

Its nice when the horses are all fit, well and happy this time of year, at least you know the weather isn't bothering them as much :)
Apr 25, 2003
he's had pain relief and seems easier. He's had the runs so probably just a dodgy tummy. Been down to check him every hour, he went up the field for a bit with his pals, now back on the yard, eating happily so fingers crossed.
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May 18, 2009
Always nice when they start being their normal 'interesting' selves isn't it? Glad he's on the mend.