Regaining confidence post-COVID


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Feb 9, 2020
Ok so, thanks to COVID and a number of other factors in my personal life, I haven’t had the opportunity to get in the saddle since a few days before the UK went into lockdown. Previously I’d been riding for a little over a year and I’d say I was quite confident! First lesson back since March is on Tuesday morning and I find myself feeling a bit nervy for once - I’m obviously out of practise and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on getting back into the saddle after a few months off, especially around regaining confidence?


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Dec 20, 2004
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My mare had a lay off of several months in 2015 due to lameness and I felt nervy of getting back on after and I’ve been riding almost 4 decades and am pretty confident. But as soon as I was on board all my worries melted away, it was like I’d never stopped ? just try not to visualise your worst fears before hand, think about the best possible outcomes and will them into reality ?


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Jan 6, 2006
Really the very best thing is getting your bum back in the saddle! A lot of people have felt the same way, it's a fairly normal response particularly when it's been constantly drummed in not to strain the NHS, so please don't feel it's just you being silly. Maybe mention to your RI how you feel so she knows and an be supportive.

I would say spend the time between now and your lesson remembering why you enjoy riding and all the things you've done well. Try closing your eyes and remembering the feel of it, of you and the horse moving together. Do not create nightmare scenarios in your mind! Maybe practices a few stretches at home too, just to keep the muscles flexible.

Once you're on you'll wonder why you were worrying!
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May 2, 2007
Remember that the horses will most probably have been ridden during lockdown so they will be calm. Its not like the horses have been laid off and your are on a ticking time bomb. So all you have to do is sit bak and enjoy it. Please dont think too much about it between now and your lesson or you will talk yourself out of it. Once back on board, if all goes well youll wonder why you were fretting. Dont push yourself to hard for your first lessons. If you are asked to canter on your first lesson back and you feel like your having a wobble just say to your instructor, its too much for this lesson. Id rather just stick to trot or something like that.
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