Rest in peace Fern.

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
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Sadly this evening I have had to say goodbye to one of my cows, rather unexpectedly. We had to make that heartbreaking decision. I got a phonecall this afternoon as I was on my way home from work to say that Fern clearly had problems with calving and needed a vet. She was very swollen and looked tired.
It was only ferns second calving. Last year her first calf was born dead.
Unfortunately the calf was breach and the vet couldn't get the calf out. She said that based of the smell and no movement inside she suspects the calf had already died. To ceasar with already bad insides would have been a huge risk for infection. So we decided that it was not fair to put her through the suffering.

It was awful stood watching the vet put her to sleep. She did go peacefully. I just feel so numb just now.


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Feb 8, 2012
I'm so sorry for your loss, what an awful shock for you X