riding an inexperienced horse on the road


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Mar 5, 2005
can you help me ? I own a beautiful part bred Arab, he is 10 years old, I have owned him since he was 2 year old. He is backed and going well although I have never hacked him out!! I want to start in the spring any suggestions?? He tends to shy at monsters here there and everywhere!!


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Dec 30, 2000
How long has he been backed for? What work has he done under saddle so far? Have you ever led him out in hand? Will he "pony" off another horse? Do you know any circular rides which don't involve a lot of traffic?

I'll come back again when you've answered these questions :)


May 7, 2002
right here, right now
Have moved this for you, so hopefully more people will see it here. :)

Do you have anyone with an older, more experienced horse you could hack out with, just to help build his confidence?

You could start by leading him out in-hand. Stand off the road somewhere where he's out of the way but can see traffic passing. Let him get used to the sound and sight of passing cars. Reassure him if need be. When he's perfectly happy with traffic passing a short way away you can try taking him onto the road on a leadrope. I'd use a bridle to lead, and make sure you have hi-viz gear on. Try and choose a fairly wide road to start with, with not too much traffic - narrow lanes, although they're quiet, tend to mean that cars have to pass very close, and also that they sometimes happen upon you very quickly. Walk into the flow of traffic, and move him off the road and stand quietly with him while cars pass.

All this is much better managed if there are two of you there with him (also means you have another set of hands to slow down and thank drivers). Older, safe horses are also very useful - your Arab would get confidence form being with a horse that feels safe around traffic.


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Apr 16, 2000
If you are not sure you could handle a mega spoko on his back start with a friend with an old shaggy nag who isn't scared of anything and lead him out then long rein him until he has seen that the world ain't so scary. Try to ignor his sillies and don't reward him for spooky behaviour, only reward him when he's moving forward freely and relaxed.

Then get on his back when you are happy and away you go. He'll soon calm down. Endurance riding cured our Arab nutter, he went from Mr. Boggle eyes to Mr. laid back donkey ina a couple of seasons.


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Mar 5, 2005
Thank you for your suggestions. He has been backed since 4 years old and rides excellently in a manege. He listens to the voice and the aids, he is not frightened of traffic. It's everything else i.e. birds flying out of bushes, paper bags lying still, drains, anything that wasn't there before. He is very alert and notices everything. Cars, tractors he's fine with. but I will try him out in company in the better weather. i have led him out on the road when he was a youngster.

thank you Rosie


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Aug 26, 2004
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hi rosie,
i have a 17 yr old horse who had never been outside an arena until me. what worked for me was staying relaxed, not getting nervous myself approaching deadly trash bags and killer manhole covers. he'd startle, and i'd let him get a good look at the scary monsters. now he just pauses to look and as long as I'M calm, he's ok. i only have myself to ride with, so i couldn't get him out with better behaved horses.
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