Riding bare back on road, no fluorescents, just bridle and a Hat!

Dark Storm

Well I'll be a Krampus's Auntie! :D!
Jan 4, 2009
Do you think this is safe:confused: I don't! The girl was lucky it was a quiet day... I fell off on my old yard playing around.. and badly bruised my back (and pride) on concrete.. I also know of a girl who rode out like this without a hat, her horse reared up, she fell off and was knocked out:eek::mad:! STUPID!! Am I just being a prude:eek:


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Oct 14, 2005
south derbyshire
I haven't a problem with no saddle but think its silly without fluorsent jacket.

My friend often hacks out bareback in headcollar and leadrope, always wears hat and fluorsent.

My daughter doesn't hack out but often rides bareback in fields and on tarmac and always wears a hat


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Mar 2, 2006
my insurance wont cover the horses if they arent ridden out in a saddle and bridle....so i wouldnt even dream of it to be honest!

i dont think its safe, but agree should def wear Hi-viz!

Dark Storm

Well I'll be a Krampus's Auntie! :D!
Jan 4, 2009
Im afraid to say that I know of people who haven't been able to claim on insurance for accidents involving their horse's when they haven't been wearing the correct gadgets.. namely bridles.. they've taken their horse for a walk in a headcollar and lead rope, the horse has bolted for some reason or another, and ran between cars and through gardens.. they had to pay out for the damage, as the insurance refused to pay out..
As for correct clothing, I heard a about a year ago, that insurance companies will not pay out for accidents if the horse or rider are not wearing at least 3 illuminated items between them (bib, wrap over for horse, or boots etc)..


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Dec 22, 2006
no saddle is fine, no hi viz is poor form.

aslong as in bridle insurance will cover it mostly

as for the hi viz and insurance requirement, thats just urban legend rumours.

Kis Vihar

Nutty Saddlers !
I must admit that over here, I regularly hack bareback (I always ride bareback) with no flourescent gear....as there's no-one to see me! ;) There's no insurance either, so that's one concern out of the way. I often ride in a headcollar and rope, and if it's a case of using a horse to get from a -b (from one part of the farm to another, or over to the neighbour) I sometimes hop on a convenient horse, without a hat, and go. :eek: I KNOW it's naughty, but I don't always have a hat with me around the place - Having read recently of a really serious accident where the rider wasn't wearing a hard hat, I am seriously re-thinking this though!

No-one out here (rural hobby riders/farmers) wears hats - even kids and RDA riders at therapy centres don't! The thinking is, if you have no protection on your head, you will try harder to stay on! :eek: It's a little backward here in some things. ;)


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Jun 21, 2000
Well shoot me but I dont wear hi-viz.

I've been riding out recently bareback, and I ride him out in a bridle, bareback pad and thats it. Well actually I've got two velcro hi viz tabs that go on his nose band and that's it. I dont ride on the road though ....

ALWAYS ALWAYS wear a hat though.


Jan 26, 2006
High Wycombe
I always wear a hat and hi viz (and bridle and saddle actually) but round here the roads are really busy, and I don't fancy death to be honest. Car drivers here a stupid, and need to give them every chance of seein me!!

But if I was in a remote place with no cars I would love to ride more bareback! But would probably still always wear a hat, I think it's ingrained in me to wear my hat, feel really naked and unsafe without it.


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Mar 15, 2008
I always go out with bitless bridle and hi viz on me and pony. Now i'm putting saddle bags on the front i'll be taking off his reflective breastplate thing and putting on his boots.

I do ride bareback on hacks on quiet roads and lead on the main (with bareback pad)

Saw kid out today though all tacked up and no hi viz, if you don't care about your life then think of your horse, a knock at 20mph will likely break a leg.


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Dec 15, 2009
Fakenham, Norfolk
I don't think it's safe.
I won't ride bareback on concrete or tracks anymore due to coming off last year from my ponies field where it was muddy they had put rocks down i fell on one and really hurt my back i had trouble sitting and laying down...i was lucky as if it had of been higher or lower i could have done some serious damage even paralysing myself...so i won't risk it now!
And on the road usually insurance will only cover you if you have fluorescents on read your small print xx


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
I dont ride bare back with my loan now as she wont let you:p. But as far as hi fiz if its rain etc i do or put a sheet over pops bottom half.

With riding bareback i have done a few times on a friends horse, but that only to really cool them down( it was a hot afternoon and we were jumping) yet i still went out with a hat the only time i have rode bareback and no hat was when i was riding my mates horse with her next to me up to the field.

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