Rugs for chunky ponies


Mum to Prince & Barney
Aug 29, 2007
North East
What is the best make of rug for the rounder pony? I've tried one rug on Ofeigur, it fits everywhere but around his shoulders - its very tight.


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Aug 1, 2007

i used to own a shirex and i found masta rugs were good as they are nice and generous and also shires rugs


Daffy Dilly

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Dec 5, 2004
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Masta are ok if you have a horse with a fairly deep neck I think. I find them too big around Daffy's neck, so they slip down and then rub on his chest. The only thing I've found to fit Daffy are the Weatherbeeta Freestyle, even the Original Weatherbeeta don't go near his front.


Mum to Prince & Barney
Aug 29, 2007
North East
Well I've ordered a Masta Zing lightweight to keep the worst of the rain and mud off him. So we'll see what that's like.


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Jul 15, 2008
i bought a masta for my cob, she is usually a 6ft in a rug, but 6ft was too small:( anyone else found that they are small made?? I would recommend a premier equine rug:) But you've ordered one now:p hehe lol. a Weatherbeeta freestyle seems to fit my cob quite well, doesn't rub her shoulders and stays put:):p


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Mar 6, 2008
I find Masta are too tight round the shoulders.

Fal - although expensive are good

and another, which I find best fit but for some reason can't remember the name :rolleyes:
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