Rugs! The trials of finding a good fit and light bulb moment findings!


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Jan 7, 2013
Just thought I'd share a little something with people as it's been a game changer for me with Comet!
He is 13.2, was not cut till he was 8, has a big crest of a neck, general shape from being a stallion till he was 8, a fair set of shoulders but not hugely deep through the barrel and a short back!

On paper he is 5'6" but I've been finding the neck opening too small due to his shoulder and neck shape! 5'9" too big in a few makes I've tried.

In a pure chance finding i had a 5'9" amigo turnout rug that Rhan had broken the front chest strap on. I sent it to be mended, cleaned, reproofed but asked them to please but buckle closures on the front as i never really like the funny amigo fastening. Anyway I just happened to try it on him the other day out of pure curiosity. Well would you believe now it has front chest buckles i can have the front that bit tighter closed together but the neck opening now fits him perfectly! With the original chest fittings it slid onto his withers and back and was not a good fit. The surcingles needed shortened as they are set low on these rugs anyway and wouldn't go short enough.

Sooooo he now has a size and make of rug that fit well with a couole minor adjustments! They are deep on him but with the shortened surcingle the belly now meets nicely in the middle and thus adds abit more protection anyway! I dont mind paying a few £ to have buckles put on the front of them!

Just a random finding of mine quite by chance but an example of how a small change to something can make the whole thing work better all round!

Anyone else had any random light bulb findings?
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Aug 5, 2009
yes almost identical - happened to pick up second hand via ebay a lovely Premier Equine rug that was actually only a 6'3" so a bit smaller than Dolly's usual 6'6"/6'9" - 8 year so ownership and by a fluke I found myself with a perfect fit rug for her - almost made to measure it was so good - no slipping or problems of not self righting when she has a good old hippo roll in the mud. so suddenly I have discovered very late in her ownership PE 6'3" are the best for herself....needless to say she now has a full wardrobe of them in varying weights and types :eek:

Based on this light bulb moment I have also purchased for the new big fellah a PE rug in 6'6" - taking into account that he is a much bigger and heftier horse altogether than Dolly .....its not going to fit him is it? :oops::rolleyes::D
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