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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
After months and month of problems with Jess' saddle, 2 saddles and 4 fitters later, we seem to have success :D I was still a bit iffy 4 weeks on from the last fitting (which was only really 4 rides as I have been loathe to ride on consecutive days as I wasn't sure about it) but on Thursday Jess and I had a sports massage, she found a few very tight spots on Jess but nothing screaming current saddle problems (although there were 2 small spots of scar tissue from the initial issue with the stirrup bar and 1 from the point of the last saddle) and I matched Jess, so it looks like we were irritating each others issues.

I rode Friday and it was OK but afterwards my lower back/hip pain (that I have had since early this year and physio wasn't much help with) came back full force, plus my life long knee pain was at the worse end of normal. I was really sore but fiddling about trying to stretch my back out I thought it felt more like bruising in the joint than over used muscles. On Sunday I decided to try riding with my stirrups a hole shorter to try and allow easier alignment of my lower back (though shorter stirrups have always made my knees worse) and hey bloody presto, only residual back pain today and my knees aren't any more cranky either :D not only that but Jess offered me her BIG trot that I haven't seen in months :D

Plus, all the white marks on Jess' back have gone, hopefully with some ongoing massage the scar tissue will also reduce. All in all, a very happy day :D
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Jul 31, 2005
Fab news! I'm in the same boat but it's such a long story I haven't had time to type it!
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Aug 22, 2007
Great to hear you’ve got there with it!! It can take an age to find something that fits in just the right way!
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