Saddles for MW fairly flat backed horses?


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Sep 14, 2009
So, the search for the ideal saddle for both Tobes and I continues!!

Tobes won't be in work immediately, whilst his tendon is mended, after his accident hooking his halter up to his door, we need probably x rays - although he is masses better than he was and after a fairly quick recovery period, he clearly hasn't fractured anything in his neck, he has bruised something, and is not quite right, so will probably need to get x rays and the back person out.

So, saddles we have had to date - Thorogood - ghastly. English leather saddle - fitted by someone who has no idea, and caused him to buck - IMO, too curved a tree. Freeform treeless - lovely saddle, but slipped, so no good and rubbed him out at the back. Heather Moffett Vogue. Ghastly expensive saddle which caused pressure points and I had to get a bean bag numnah which made me sit a 100 miles off his back. Black Country cob saddle, WH. Properly fitted by saddle fitter. I loved it, he preferred it to the Vogue, but bucked a lot in it. Hilton saddle, really wide panels. He likes it very much. Fitted only by me, but he says what he likes. No bucking, but I am not that comfy in it. Obviously we will use it til we can find something we both like, but what else is wide panelled and comfy?


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I love my old Heather moffett/saddle company easisit. It is so comfy for me and has huge pannels, leather on top and serge underneath with an ajustable tree. Im told some people dont like how far back the stirrup bars are set but I love it.
Im also enjoying the dream team treeless now, I found it weird to start with but now find it great, I use with a treeless pad over a cotton one as Jess doesnt like grippy material on her back, I also use a sheepskin girth cover and dont have any slipping problems unless I really hang off her, I can mount from the ground if needed too.


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Apr 20, 2003
Sensation? I've been through a ton of saddles, mostly treeless but treed as well and Sensations are my favourite. I've found them to be laterally stable (I actually mounted from the ground once with my boy cantering on the spot at an endurance ride), and not had any issues with stirrup pressure at all. Best saddle I have found for my Appy girl, most saddles I have had for her has ended up half way up her neck.
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