Sandringham Fell/Dales/Highland Show 2013

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Jul 13, 2009
Lincolnshire,wheres the hills?
We got our box on friday night, it wasnt the 3 horse lorry we wanted but it was a nice little two pony 3.5 ton. We got up nice a early 4 AM loaded the box and set off to pick up the ponies keeping our fingers crossed that the ponies esp Belle who was left unrugged due to never having being rugged.

We got to the yard and all was well we had the box loaded the hay,water etc and ponies within an hour and we set off for Sandringham 2 hours away. The journey down was great.

Got there unloaded the ponies, who have travelled fairly well. I tookk Gemma and me to register for the classes. We entered Belle in Veteran Highland pony inhand and Have a go at showing with Gemma both novices to showing :)

I entered best Fell Mare over 4 years and best trimmed feet. Gemma entered Veteran inhand Highland and have a go at showing Class.

Me showing in Fell Mare class 3rd place

Eva got 2nd in best trimmed feet but forgot to take some photos

Gemma in Belle Veteran Highland inhand 4th place

Belle loved her time in the limelight and really came to life, I was so pleased to take her to the show.

Gemma and Belle ridden Showing 4th place

Belle blotted her copybook when the photographer threw his keys to attract the ponies attention Belle bucked with Gemma on :( but other than that she was fantastic esp when you consider she has been a broodmare all her life.

We had a brilliant show, met some lovely people and had a very good Laugh in fantastic surroundings
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