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Sep 16, 2023
Hello, my horse has been diagnosed with sarcoids. Treatment recommended by vet is lazer removal of one on his ear and Liverpool VW cream of varying strengths on some others. The one on his ear, has increased of late and i feel may need some treatment - the others are hard to see. Vet says we need to nip these in the bud! I would love to hear people’s actual experiences of lazer removal, Liverpool cream treatment also a product called E-immunity. Is your horse sarcoid free after treatment? Have sarcoids re-occurred in same place or appeared elsewhere. Many thanks.
My horse (aged 27yo) had lazer removal and on site chemo for penile squamous cell carcinoma. I agree with your vet - nip it in the bud, money well spent.

My horse came back with absolutely no side-effects whatsoever. He also had the tip removed too. He is on Piroxicam daily now to hopefully keep it all at bay.

His treatment was prescribed by Derek Knottenbelt from Liverpool University Vet School in conjunction with the vet in Aberdeen.
I know a horse who has had several sarcoids removed by lazer. They did grow back but not to the extent of the original problem. Horse had to had several months off work (there were lots of sarcoids!) but is now back to being ridden.