Scared to ride my new horse after 3 weeks


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Nov 11, 2018
Hello all... just an update for you. I did try to walk him in-hand but that didn’t work, he started stressing, jogging, it’s amazing how big they can look when their head is so high, there was no way he was going to walk calm :( My confidence is shot with him.

Anyway my husband and I decided that he’s not the one for me and I have to just accept that mistakes happen and he’s more than I can handle. Such a sweetie on the ground but more than I can cope with or have the experience to further educate. The previous owner is taking him back so my search continues....

Not the best of starts to my dream but you live and learn. Thank you guys for all the positive comments and I’ll be back soon with hopefully my new best friend :D
Just saw your post after waffling on to your original post! Oops. Hope you find your right match.


Feb 5, 2019
Hello and welcome to the forum! It's a shame it didn't work out for you but don't be disheartened. I think if all was fine with the horses tack and teeth etc. etc. It really would have been a case of allowing it to settle in and taking it for walks in hand, maybe just in the paddock to start with and with a rope halter or similar for more control. When a horse changes owners and yards it's whole world turns upside down which is bound to cause behavioural changes for a time... They need to feel secure and bond with you.

However... A pumped up anxious TB which is paying you no attention at all whether under saddle or in hand is going to be very intimidating and also very strong... Even a little pony is immensely strong compared with us. It can't have been any fun for you but don't feel like you've failed in anyway, you just need to take time to find a horse that will help build your confidence and not destroy it! I work on a TB stud although not with the horses but to be fair I wouldn't want to... To big and scary for me :D

Hope Price

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Mar 21, 2016
I came across your forum whilst searching for help with my situation.

Here goes....I purchased my horse 3 weeks ago. Ex racer, last raced two years ago. I bought him from a lady who just did a bit of hacking but with her other horse, didn’t have the time for him. He’s 7 years old, lovely to handle in the stable, on the ground, already comes over when I turn up.

Not sure if this was a big mistake but from what I read, it seemed that I should just get on him and ride, this I did within two days, looking back this wasn’t a good idea. I’ve ridden him 6 times and he’s napping (which I can handle) but he’s now bucking and it’s scaring me. Today I thought I’d ride in the field on the yard but as soon as we started off, he started bucking, spinning, rushing backwards etc. I’m sitting to the bucks, god knows how, but today seemed worse and I had to get off. I’m 50 and value my limbs too much to get thrown through the air.

He was sweaty and Veins showing when I got him back into his stable and I was crying and shaking with fear. Called my husband and said I didn’t want to get on him again and to sell him. :(

I have also lunged him twice but he gets worked up and keeps trying to run off.

I feel I’m a competent rider but there’s on,y so much I can take. I’m worried I’ve got an out of control horse and don’t know what to do. I know relationships take time but what if he’s always going to be like this?

Should I forget about riding for a few months or with this type of behaviour, are we not a suitable match? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
Your fear is very understandable! That is quite a scary situation you have yourself in, with OTTP's they can either be high strung or very mellow. I would recommend finding a trainer and letting that trainer work with him for a while and then let her teach you in riding him. Finding a trainer can be tough as true horseman are hard to find, however not dealing with these issues will only make things worse. If you do sell this horse at least sell him to a trainer who will not sell this horse to a kill buyer which is common, and find an experienced horse person come with you to look at horses as they can see if this horse will be suitable for you and your level of experience. A second opinion is invaluable.
Best of luck and hope it all works out for you.


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Jan 6, 2006
@Hope Price if you read the thread you'll see that Seton spoke to his previous owner & they had him back, which was probably the best outcome for all parties.