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The Flying Irishman

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Apr 1, 2005
My beautiful boy was put to sleep on Thursday 20th August 2009 due to grass sickness at the age of 4 brought about by a forced yard changed. He was my horse of a lifetime and was on the brink of a potentially successful career.
He made an impact on everyone who knew him as he had a temprement to die for and was so gorgeous, he is irreplaceable and has left a gap in my life that can never be filled.
I would like to say a huge thanks to Joanne Forster who supported me through the various stages of disbelief and denial and ultimately when I had to make the sad decision to call it a day before my baby suffered. Also to Emma who had the honour of owning him for the first year of his life and who was kept informed through each stage of his illness and to Joyce from the EGS organisation. Thankfully the signs were spotted quickly and he didn't suffer.
And finally to the spiteful nasty people (who quite frankly are old enough to know better) who made it so uncomfortable for us to stay on the yard and behaved like nasty children, I blame you 100% for his death - you know who you are.


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Aug 7, 2007
East Sussex
What a sad tale :(. Such a beautiful young horse. It sounds like you had no choice - well done for making the decision quickly before he knew pain.


Bea - My Boy Freddy's Mum
May 16, 2006
I was so sorry to read this post - my heart goes out to you :(

The decision would have been heart breaking for you but it must have been the only option to ensure that he didn't suffer.

He was a stunning lad and it's such a tragedy that he left this world so young.

RIP Scout xxxxx


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May 27, 2007
Such a shame, we never expect to lose them young to illness

Feel really sorry for you but at least you know you did your best to make sure he didn't suffer.

RIP Scout


New Member
Jun 16, 2008
stalybridge cheshire
so so sorry your horse has gone hel RIP now you have enough to cope with at the moment than to let people get to you this is a time when youl need your good friends around you n theyl be there
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