shameless I Love My Pony post!!


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Jul 16, 2003
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today i rode appley up the road solo for the first time ever!! she has been walked in traffic inhand by herself loads of times, and has ridden up the road behind another horse a few times, too (to get to the bridleway we have to ride up a reasonably steep road with two blind bends on it - not nice at the best of times!!). normally, for solo hacks, i'd walk her up that road inhand and jump on once we hit the bridleway.

albeit, today 'seemed' quiet enough for traffic so i thought I'd try riding her straight out of the yard, cross the big road outside and head up the hill to the bridleway.

and ... guess what?? i should have known that with my luck ....

'what's that noise' i thought to myself as we approached the first bend ... 'sounds a bit loud' ... when WHOOSH! not one but two big fancy trikes thunderred towards us! the first didn't have enough time to slow down, luckily the second did ... appley ogled them but did not do anything remotely silly and just kept walking, bless her.

then ... 'what's that noise BEHIND' ... great. harley davidson (what the?? they NEVER come up this hill usually!)! he slowed down a bit for us and appley was very very good about it all :)

the rest of the ride was lovely, we walked, trotted and cantered - not bad for a little 4 year old pony-munchkin :D

i :wub: appley :)


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Jul 16, 2003
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thank you :) i am so amazed with her all the time! if i told you a few years back, that i'd get a youngster, manage to back it (ok i am getting a lot of help/advice!) myself and would be plodding around on hacks on a 4 year old quite merrily - i would have thought you were having a laugh! then I met appley :)


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Apr 23, 2009
Aw good for little Appley, not only is she mega-cute but she's good as gold for her mum too. You must be chuffed to bits with her :)
:dance: from another shameless member of the 'I LOVE MY EXMOOR PONY' club :mstickle:

She sounds like a young version of Frayne. I always regret not having Frayne when she was a youngster and then we would not have had all the issues to struggle with.

Look forward to seeing the dapples - Frayne has got a few faint ones.

Ali x
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