She's here!! (Pics)


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
She travelled well (loose with a deep bed) and is now stabled for a few days to get to know me before she is turned out with Jack. She was in the trailer for 3 hours and travelled well. The only reason I went that far for her was because of the quality of the was mostly M54, M6 and A14, with a few miles of the A1 - so far... but straight, so a good quality trip. Thought she'd be exhausted but she took no time in investigating her surroundings and then started tucking into her hay. I had a cup of tea and then went over and called her name and she came straight to the door for a fuss...and got her first kiss on her muzzle :p I then went in for scriches for a few mins and we've now left her to settle.

She's adorable. Dom and I are both smitten.





Definitely think she's more Lexie than Honor...especially as she came to me when I called Lexie!

Expect photo bombardment in the coming days :p
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