Shii's Return


Aug 29, 2005
We picked up shii from the clinic this morning to bring him home, and my was he happy to see me :D Made me feel good inside. He wasn't all that impressed when the vet started to poke him in places, explaining a few different home care things i needed to be aware of, but he held up good and just looked a tiny bit grumpy hehe. What a sweety. He took his first ride in the two horse trailer too! :eek: I was quite impressed with him and told him so too! he just hopped in there danced alittle bit, but was careful not to get my toes while they closed the doors. and all this after going under for surgery! If all my horses were this well behaved i would die of happyness. His testostrone levels should stabilize in about a week so than he will just be a normal guy and hopfully leave the poor mule gelding alone and break the news to all his girlfriend neighbors hehe.

Hes going to have a sore rump for the next few days since we will be pumping him full of penicillen but hes always been a trooper with shots and the vet commented on it. there are 15 vets that work their and quite a few commented on his handsome features. I was quite proud to be his mommy. HOWEVER Shii found it extreamly rude and inapropreit to have his tempature taken. :eek: He was not impressed lol. so we will be working on that. But hes just still a baby! i'm so pleased with him! hes being so mature and manly about everything and hes not even quite two yet! Not to mention the weather today was horrible, sleet and wind! Thought i was going to blow away! What a trooper my shii is!! *Glomps her shii*

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