Should I start looking now?


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Feb 8, 2012
I would like to move yards before next winter. I'm not sure the best way to start looking for a new yard. There is a page on fb, surrey horse and pony, but then all my stable yard people would see the post. I don't want them to know yet really. I have spoken to my YO though and she is aware of my intentions. I just don't want people gossiping yet.

I know there are not alot of yards really around this area but I figured if I do find one it may have a waiting list, better to be on that now surely.

My ideal yard will have 24/7 year round turnout. School preferably with floodlights and some hacking, preferably off road. Stable for emergencies and secure tack storage, that one is a must as I can't take my saddle home on my bike.

Any thoughts?


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
There would be no harm making discreet enquiries. Maybe if there is a really good yard there would be a waiting list? So might be a good idea to get your name down sooner rather than later? And people can mind their own business!lol they'll soon gossip about something else.


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Mar 15, 2008
Are you moving out of the area though? We're you not relocating with your boyfriend and transferring your job?

So the new yard is a temporary stop gap?


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Feb 8, 2012
Yes I still want to move away I just can't see it happening. At least not any time soon.


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Dec 21, 2003
What I did was to look at the BHS list of recognised livery yards and make a list. OH and I then drove to Surrey, chose an area and drove about and dropped in on several. We not only looked at the yards in an area, we walked some of the bridle paths, hacking routes. For instance some tracks were a quagmire - no good inspecting places only in summer.
We found yards could be transient - they had moved, changed ownership etc. Doing things in advance is fine but not too far in advance as YOs move. From the yards you have already been on, you may know people who used to be yard manager etc and have moved on to rent and manage places of their own. One of the yards to which our yard sends horses for turn out / holiday has moved 3 times in about 8 years. Because if you are successful running your own place, you get a list of livery clients and can afford to go move and rent a better and bigger yard.

If it is a field with a farmer and a field shelter you want, best thing is to network via the yards and use Facebook too (but be wary). For instance if you asked about livery charges and then sighed and said you were looking for something cheaper and DIY, someone might suggest asking at a particular farm. The people who work at yards and riding schools sometimes have horses of their own, which they keep further out at DIY. You could cycle around looking for horses!

But you could delegate a lot of this to your mother if she is the one who hacks Ale? I never found a place where I liked the hacking as much as I do at home and I am scared of crossing railway lines at ungated crossings. I love canter and dont want to have to canter along side a road with cars.
Luckilly for me each time I am at a complete loss and consider moving to your area, a teacher's own horse has been made available to me to hack near home. My interest in livery remained only in case Maisie was offered me to buy.
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