Snowy got out of the feild....


Jan 4, 2007
again:rolleyes: (I bet you's are all on the phone to a horse charity arnt you's lol:eek:) It wasn't really my fault.
you see the fence men (or man I'm not sure if there were more) were doing work on the fence so had to take the gate off and then went for a cup of tea:eek: luckily Merrylegs was very sensibly and stayed with the hay giving me enough time to wrap the lunge rope around the two poles to stop the ponies getting out (mind you it had to be so low to stop snowy Merrylegs could have steaped over it) OK job done I went in to have my tea but what did Little "I don't care if I'll be put in that field next week because the fencing will be done then" Snowy do he ran through the Lunge rope :mad: So when I went back out I found poor Merrylegs all on her own all worked up were Snowy went (Snowy didn't even care the selfish Pratt:eek:). When I went over to her the fence lad said "I don't see the white pony anywhere would he 'ave gotten out" I was just Like I hope not:eek: so went off looking all around the field he was meant to be in no sign of him. went around the front asked my little brother to help me find him he goes " I don't care" Grrrrrr:mad: so went off to the field looked for any sign of snowy being there (luckily dad was getting a 'road' built from the main road to the stables so we can load her up at the stables instead of bringing her around the front, so It was very muddy) I found some very deep hoof prints , the hunt was on! :)rolleyes:) but then my big brother showed up (who does care) and helped me find him he was down the bottom of the hill near the river , thank god he wasn't on the road. so I go over to him , he slowly backs away then hears my brother comming and trots up the hill (it's a very steep hill) and when he got to the top he galloped off as fast as he could to the stables (I think I'll train him to be a Shetland racer lol) and nearly cleared the lung rope (you try jumping something shoulder hight when your overweight and have to suddenly stop after:p) so me and my brother set off making sure there was no way he could escape again (the fence man was gone so we could move stuff) so when Snowy calmed down he went over to Merrylegs and they started to groom each other for about 1 min and then Merrylegs chased him away (some things never change)

If you have read this far congratulations give yourself a pat on the back

thanks for reading:D
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