So, could I afford a house where you live?


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Nov 11, 2018
I'd love to have mine outside my back door - I'm an unsociable old bat now, just need my family, my horse and dog, and a couple of good friends - perfect. Lottery - I'm waiting......


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Mar 8, 2007
Knee deep in muck
A property I had my eye on-not that I could afford it, several acres, backs onto woods-sold for just over £2m a couple of years back. The OH and I are forever sending each other dream properties. If we went back to his home town, we could afford a big house with maybe 10 acres, so that's where we're considering once we retire.


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Dec 16, 2004
You are a LONG way from a motorway in Aberdenshire!! That's my "patch". Have you any knowledge of Caithness? It's even more remote!! Beautiful but sparse. a friend is selling his 5 bed farmhouse with 3 acres and barn for £285k but it's a good hour and a half from Aberdeen, a few hours from Inverness. There's a stunning property in drumoak just now, excellent facilities for horses but £650k. Property in Deeside is VERY expensive. There's another property been kicking about near Peterhead for a few years. Again 3 acres and £255k but you are 40+ miles from Aberdeen on a single carriageway road. And remember, Scottish property works on "offers over". So advertised price is not what you pay. We bid on a property at offers over £285k. It sold for £355k. Most go to sealed bids so you put in your offer and pray it's the highest. We have a 4 bed/4 bath house that needed no work, 3 stables, arena, hay barn and 15 acres and got ours for £322k. We were very lucky. Nobody was interested in it and we got it for 18k under the "offers over" price because sellers wanted to move. There is a similar property about 5 miles from us currently on at £425k.

I LOVE having mine at home. I can potter about keeping an eye on them, wander out in my jammies to give Toby a good night cuddle. It is absolute bliss. If I had to use a livery yard again I'd sell my horses as I hate yard environments.


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Apr 23, 2009
Gosh @eventerbabe, that is so cheap, it sounds like a dream.

My sister in law (who lives in Inverness and knows I would like to live up there) sent us property details for a small detached house that is dated, it looks like a holiday let, 50 minutes drive north of Ullapool, 8 acres and right on an absolutely beautiful sandy bay for offers over £245k. When I looked at Google maps and Street View it looks like it's 8 acres of rocks and bogs though, wouldn't impress Raf much. We have actually looked (online, not in real life) at properties in Aberdeenshire and on the borders, but OH always chickens out when we think about actually seriously considering a move. Too far from his beloved cricket club :p


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Nov 11, 2018
We lived in Rannoch, Perthshire, for 3years when we first got married. Stunning place, but too out of the way for me - 7 miles to the village, and too far from pitlochry or aberfeldy. I feel I have the best of both worlds now, area wise - 5 mins drive to the yard, 20 mins to the city, and no road work - straight onto the New Forest. Also, only me and the YO now on the yard, so I can be on my own 80% of the time. Would still love my own place though. If anyone's got a spare 1m, I can give you my bank details. :D


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Apr 25, 2003
We paid £425,000 for a 4 bed house with 7 1/2 acres, we had to put in the stables. We looked at 60 before we bought it, and covered a large areas, main thing was to be no more than 2 hours from mum and dad, also we run a business from home, and have lots of cats so that ruled out 90% of properties. We found a lot of expensive wrecks that wanted a high price and then another £100K spending on them. Couple of years ago some equestrian properties around here were on the market for a while but they were over £550K. Lanarkshire and Dumfries and Galloway cheaper. Anywhere commutable Glasgow Edinburgh goes silly. My friend is up near Kinross and stuff up there Perthshire more expensive. A lot of folks like us got caught out buying in D&G where there was a scheme to build small holdings but the problem was re-selling them, as you had to rely on English buyers from Manchester coming up. A lot of the houses cost £400K+ and very large and they are just priced out of the local market and agents are telling them the only way to sell is to take a hit on them. We sold ours at a large loss.


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Dec 3, 2014
Rhode Island,New england
Wow your prices are bad over there too.
Since we moved here prices have gone thru the roof in the last couple of years.

Like you diplomaticandtactful we looked a long time
Omg we looked over the years at probably 300 properly mostly drive past with reaction of OMG YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING...
The ones that made the cut to actually see
Ugh there a list must have.....Absolutely
NO WAY.... we can live with or without...
20 acres 18 is wet.... SO YOU REALLY HAVE 2...
IT WAS AMAZING how many places had no idea where property lines were or you WANT TO WALK THE PROPERTY...
So many plsces around here sold off anything usable and if it had any acerage it was because it was wet.
Lol for 600 800 a mil or more there would have been some nice places
We totally lucked out here. I called on It
Supposedly it was gone..
I looked at listings daily it never seemed to change status or drop off
I called again a few weeks later it had fallen thru...
I went that day my husband was not home Im sitting in the drive as other people were looking thinking yes this is the place
The others come out NEVER EVEN take a peek at the peopety or buildings
I did quick pass thru house
And i want to see the land and outbuildings
POOR REALTOR lol she had flip flops on...and was not into walking almost 9 acres and outbuildings ...

My husband wasnt Back for a couple of days and ugh got delayed a further one
He needed to see it too i was sooo worried it would be gone..
He saw it it ticked off almost all the boxes.
We made an offer an hr later. After looking at sooooo many duds we knew we had to jump.
In short order we heard back it was accepted..

We got almost 9 acres a 3 br 2 bath raised ranch a huge unfinished inlaw
A huge unfinished porch in front of the inlaw
2 car garage multiple outbuildings
For 325..
It was a pig and cow farm originally
There were not any horse stalls
I boarded across the street for actually kind of a lot longer than originally planned my husband did drag a bit
On the stalls .
Ive always had the horses at home except when Andi Was at a couple places for training for short periods.
It dragged a bit longer when she lost a few other boarders we did not want to tank all her income and even staggered moving them here..
Its ONLY just across the street but I was VERY happy to have it all back under my control .
We are 5 miles away from our 33acres but had we built we could barely have gotten a pre fab house built over there
For what we bought here.
We still look at what's around for listings
Prices are going thru the roof places with no land are going for what we paid here.

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Jun 14, 2015
A nearby motorway is only essential if we buy where we currently live. This would mean that I could continue in same job and still see parents weekly.
If we moved further afield, then I would obviously give up current job and travel less frequently, but for longer time to my parents, so proximity to a motorway wouldn’t be as essential.

I have seen a stunning 3 bed house in D & G which I love, but no land. Apparently there is a livery yard in the village though. Didn’t see it when we were there.